Jacket wearing Young woman exploits weakness of security agencies to steal chocolate from Dmart

Reddit is interesting because people openly boast about their crimes and those of their friends, For example one reddit post below
Anyone have stolen anything from D mart or any other supermarket???
Rant / Vent
Today my friend was flexing that she stole a huge chocolate bar from d mart . She hide that bar under her jacket. I was so surprised.

One of the comments showed that supermarts are very strict about security because of these thefts
This are the people jinke waja se we have to zip lock our purse and deposit our bags before entering super marts, and feel like a criminal for no reason.
The sole reason, ab man nahi lagta big bazar, vishal, d mart, more Jane ko

Increasingly good looking young women wearing jackets are committing crimes like stealing chocolates, boasting about their theft and the security staff will falsely accuse older ugly women wearing indian/ethnic clothes because of their prejudice against ugly women . So this is the reason the domain investor does not visit dmart or other supermarkets, though the price is better, because the security agencies will falsely accuse her, for crimes committed by good looking jacket wearing young women