Video of navi mumbai woman abusing policeman shows that some security agencies are targetting harmless older women

A Video of navi mumbai woman abusing policeman on Vashi roads becomes viral, The woman was returning home after a party with two other friends late at night, and was completely intoxicated . In the photo the young woman wearing a white tshirt and jeans, is shown abusing the policeman, holding his shirt, and pulling off his mask
She is also shown kicking and she finally lies on the ground
Allegedly a case has been filed against the young woman
This exposes the extent of the persecution against the domain investor, who is falsely labelled a security threat without any proof when she does not misbehave with anyone
The domain investor is almost always at home, mostly reading, writing, she does not leave home at night, while the young woman in the viral video is definitely creating a nuisance. Yet allegedly bribed by the tech and internet companies, the domain investor has been harassed for more than 12 years without a legally valid reason,to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved while no action is taken against the drunk young woman who is obviously causing problems to others
It would be interesting to find out the name of the young woman, what she does, and the police whose mask was taken off. Anyone who watches the video will agree that the young woman is a far greater security threat than a domain investor mainly at home.