Internet users are searching for hair related information online.

After the government slavery racket, financial, domain ownership fraud for 11 years was exposed,the government agencies have blocked almost all the writing work on Iwriter. So after a long time, the domain investor has the time to review all the websites, find out how much traffic they are getting. It appears that hair related websites are getting traffic easily, without much effort,while other websites get almost no visitors despite marketing since security agencies are targetting citizens with less hair for harassment abusing their powers.
Since the Hair thinning website was getting some visitors daily, the herbal hair solution website is being developed since there are a large number of herbal products available for preventing hair loss.
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Detective required to investigate criminal trespassing and robbery in home of posh area of panaji, goa

Detective required to investigate criminal trespassing and robbery in home of posh area of panaji, goa to find out how the trespassers are entering the house . The home owner has changed the lock repeatedly, she is using a machine lock from Godrej, yet people, especially her neighbors are allegedly criminally trespassing on the property and stealing whatever they wish
Proof of criminal trespassing
– Stolen coins posted in the instagram account of one neighbor
– stolen green plastic stool kept on the top floor of a neigbors house
– neighbor has openly boasted that he made a video of the house and circulated it throughout panaji, though the domain investor has not given any key, or authorized anyone to enter her house