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Though large housing societies have security guards, they are often not alert or may be fooled by clever intruders. Video door phones allow a person to check details of  the visitor to the home, before opening the door and allowing access or even interacting with the visitor.For bungalows and row houses, there are usually no security guards

Earlier, there were few video door phone systems available locally, but Zicom Electronic Systems has been advertising their video door phone extensively in major newspapers. They have a toll free number 1-800-22-4567 and claim to have offices all over India. Toll free numbers worked after trying for a second time.


 There are 2 main models of  video door phones available, one with a black and white camera and another with a colour camera. The black and white model is significantly cheaper - it has a  Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of  Rs 7,990  while the colour model costs more than Rs 17,000.  The company claims that installation charges are included in this price.


The video door phone itself consists of  two units - an external unit with a camera which is installed on the door and an internal unit through which the home owner can see the visitor. The cameras have visibility for a distance of up to 10  meters. A speaker system is included to provide 2 way communication between the visitor and the person in the house. The external camera unit and internal unit are connected using a cable. The company provides 7 meters of cable during installation.


For ordering a video door phone, you have to call their toll free number. If  you are interested  an executive will visit you and give a demonstration of how the video phone works. After placing the order, the engineer will come and install the system. A warranty of  one year is offered on the video door phone.

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