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Burglary and house breaking is common in large cities, especially when there is no one at home for a long period of  time. However, by taking certain precautions, house breaks can be prevented or made unattractive for the burglars. Provide enough external lighting, so that it is difficult for anyone to enter the house without being seen.

Doors should be made of metal or solid hardwood with strong frames. The material of  the door is important, because no lock will be effective if the door is easily broken.  A peephole in the main door is safer for identifying visitors compared to a door chain, where the door has to be opened partially.


Collapsible gates or window grills allow the flexibility of  an unobstructed view whenever required. However, they have to be opened in the morning and closed again at night, which may be inconvenient to the home owner. If a person is away from the house, newspapers, letters and other correspondence can be conveniently left behind the collapsible gate on the front door.


For a locking system, it is always advisable to use a reputed brand, since the keys cannot be easily duplicated. Deadbolts are preferred, as they are locked by a key from the outside. Key locks are available for all types of  windows are should be used wherever possible. Grills will add to the security of  the windows.


By increasing the number of door and window locks, it becomes difficult for a burglar to enter your house. It also could make it difficult to leave the house, in case of  fire or any other emergency, so devices should be selected considering both factors.

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