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Children are now using computers and internet at a young age and it is very useful tool for finding information on various topics. However, like all tools, the internet can be misused. If a child is not informed about the dangers of  the internet, they could download viruses which could damage your computer, give away personal information to hackers or be physically harmed by their "online friends".

Chatting online in chat rooms and using messenger services are a major cause of concern , since information is provided in real time.

Children should always chat in public chat rooms, where all conversations are monitored.

They should be told to never give away any personal information, like their home address, school, hobbies, likes and dislikes. This information can be misused later.

Though most major websites like Google, Yahoo have settings for removing adult images and websites from their search results,  these filters can be bypassed. So it is recommended that children using the internet for doing their homework should use search engines specifically designed for students. These search engines and directories do not include adult websites in their search results. Search engines for children

Internet Explorer loaded on Windows PCs has a Content Advisor for controlling the Internet content displayed on the computer. You can set the rating of the content displayed according to violence, language and other factors. A list of approved websites which are viewable and disapproved websites which are blocked can be created. A password can be set by the supervisor, to allow only certain users access to websites.

A larger number of  software for web filtering and parental control are available. NetNanny and  NetDog Filter are 2 widely used software which filter according to keyword and websites. (Links have been provided to the free trial version). NetDog integrates itself fully into Windows operating system and works with different operating systems.

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